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ShikaHinaSasu Plot Bunnies for Adoption

Plot Bunnies For Adoption
Never fails. I try to focus and that's when I'm attacked with plot bunnies. There are just a few ideas that are up for 'adoption', you can take them, claim them as your own, whatever. I'd just hate for these ideas to go to waste, so they need to have a good home with a writer.

These are all yours to tweak and do what you like, I just have to get them out of my head before I start chasing them ^^;

All of these are AU/Modern Day since none of the plot bunnies that attacked me were canon-related

Plot Bunny 1: ShikaSasu, HinataItachi at the start, possible ShikaHinaSasu potential?
Blame DRRR on this one.
Genre: Drama, Action, Romance(?)
Setting: Modern Day AU
Summary: Information is the new currency. It's easy to find a person's number, address, and crack open all their dirty little secrets. However, while any average Joe to surf the net and find someone, it takes a professional to find someone as elusive as Itachi Uchiha. Shikamaru Nara might not look like a dangerous man, but he knows more about Sasuke and his brother than he's comfortable with. Still, he's the best, so Sasuke pays the info broker- Shikamaru- to set up a honey trap for his older brother.

That's how Sasuke got involved in the information trade. It started as a simple exchange of money for information, but things get complicated when the girl hired to entrap his brother helps him hide.

Plot Bunny 2: ShikaHinaSasu - now belongs to Catriana_chan
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Setting: Modern Day AU

Hinata knows her friends mean well. Really they do. But, being dragged to a Host Club for her 25th birthday is a bit much. She assures herself with the fact that it was just one night, something crazy she was conned into doing, so Hinata tries to forget about it. Bad thing is, she keeps seeing those two men everywhere now.

So there you have it. If anyone wants these bunnies they are free to take and make them their own.
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