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ShikaHinaSasu Ficlets

ShikaHinaSasu Short Set
Notes: Just a collection of short fics. Some might be related to Coat_of_Arms themes, some might not be. Surprinsgly, these are more 'family' related than 'sexyfunthreesome'time. Also, an OC warning.


“We're not naming our children after dead people”

That was somehow news to Sasuke and Shikamaru. “I thought we agreed” the dark haired man muttered, clapping his chopsticks in Shikamaru's face when the Nara tried to steal some of his spicy pork.

'They aren't listening to me at all' Hinata thought. Pale eyes narrowed, nose wrinkling at the smell of greasy Chinese food. Hinata didn't have the heart to tell either that the sight of them eating left her torn between hunger pains and feeling very nauseous.

“Actually...” Hinata swallowed, “you two agreed on 'Itachi' and 'Asuma'. I just...smiled and went along with between losing my lunch.”

At the memory of the first three months, Sasuke and Shikamaru pulled disgusted faces, but shook it off and went right back to eating.

'If they start feeding each other egg rolls with those chopsticks, I really will be sick' Hinata thought, a touch bitter.

She thought it was grossly unfair. They could have sex. She had been pretty much been told to not too anything more strenuous than shuffling herself from one step to the next. They could sleep in the same bed together, whereas she constantly felt hot, sweaty, and claustrophobic.

And they could eat whatever they wanted without worrying about seeing it again mixed with stomach juices.

They got to go out on missions. Earn a living. She felt like a useless parasite that just sat around the house and being unable to contribute in any way.

She sniffled, trying to fight back tears. However, the wrinkling of her nose seemed to have wiggled loose the cork holding the water of the busted dam back. Because in the next second she went from misty-eyed and feeling sorry for herself, to full out bawling.

“Oh shit...she's crying.”


The young woman tried to keep it inside, really she did. It was much was going on. This same time last year, she had become 'comfortable' around them. And then, sex came into the picture. Now, she was going to be a mother.

“I hate you” she blubbered, full out tears rolling down her cheeks, rubbing at them but that only seemed to encourage the flow.

“I told you we should have eaten these in the cafeteria” Shikamaru muttered, “You did? I seem to remember that you have cashew chicken. Hinata loves that but can't eat it. And here you are stuffing your face with it.”

“I hate...both of you!” the young woman exclaimed.

Hinata hating someone. That was an earth-shattering confession. So shocked, the chopsticks were dropped onto the tray and abandoned.

“You...d-don't have to surrender your bodies for several months. You don't...” she sniffled again, “have to always feel so...bloated, sweaty, and disgusting.”

Sasuke tried to do his one good deed for the month by scrambling to fetch Hinata tissues, but she responded by smacking it away.

“You...don't have to give up your favorite foods, because all the sugar would harm the babies. You don't have to sit down after just walking around...only...only to have to get up and pee constantly.”

“I think she's having a meltdown”

Shikamaru nodded in agreement, “Go get Tsunade.” Before Sasuke could leave though, Hinata's tears dried long enough for her to glare at both men.

“No. No. You are not going anywhere. Sit. Down.” the former Hyuuga heiress said in a stern tone.

Although there was little Hinata could do to them from a hospital bed, Sasuke and Shikamaru were stunned enough by her one-eighty turn in personality to sit down.

“F-first off...” Hinata started, wiping the sleeve of her hospital gown against her face, “please stop talking about me as if I'm not here.”

Her expression softened, “I'm right here. I know I don't...look quite the same, but I'm still Hinata. I'm not...just a mother to be. You two can...t-talk to me, but please don't decide things without me. Secondly, no naming our kids after dead people.”

“What about...” Sasuke flinched as the Nara elbowed him.

Hinata's smile was a touch watery, but at least she didn't feel like she was going to cry again.

“I want our children to have a chance at their own identities. They...” she glanced to the side, “will have a rough enough time with us as their parents. I don't want them to have...unrealistic expectations or some kind of legacy...put on their shoulders as well.”

“You've really thought about this” Shikamaru remarked.

Hinata nodded slowly, “When bedridden, you have a lot of time to think.”

To her face, Sasuke agreed with Hinata's wishes. However, it was a different story when the kids had actually opened their eyes and greeted the world by screaming their little lungs out. Hinata was asleep and even if awake for a brief moments so drugged up Sasuke figured he and Shikamaru could have had sex in the hospital chairs and she wouldn't so much as stir.

“She won't like this” Shikamaru mumbled, to which the Uchiha rolled his dark gray eyes.

“She...” he gestured over to the unconscious Hinata with a pen, “isn't really in a position to say anything right now. Besides, we'll be too busy with feeding, changing, and burping those two for her to be all that worried about names.”

“Yeah about that, you'd better not take off and leave Hinata and I to deal with the kids on our own.”

Sasuke glanced up, but the shadow user wasn't backing down. “Don't stare at me like that. I'm not going to burst into flames. And even if you were able to do that anymore, it'd set off the fire alarms, which would wake Hinata up” he yawned, “and your plan will fail.”

“Fine. You win, this time.”

A lazy smirk appeared on the other man's lips, “I win every time.”

The Nara yawned and cracked the knuckles in his right hand which still suffered from a pins and needles sensation. Damn, Hinata had an iron grip, but at least she was considerate enough to switch between hands during the hours of labor. Now both of them hurt, but the left a bit less so.

“So...which one is yours?” Sasuke questioned.

Leaning over his chair, Shikamaru looked down at two nearly identical sleeping faces. Both had very short and fine hair. Dark in color but it was still up for debate if either one was a darker shade to another.

“I don't know. Just...pick one. Doesn't really matter.”

“What if I name the wrong 'Itachi' though”

Shikamaru sighed. They were not having this conversation. Not after all they had been through together.

“It doesn't matter.” he repeated. “They are our kids. We are their parents. It's simple.”

The hospital room went silent for a moment. Then Sasuke blinked, “No. I'm not kidding, which one is the Uchiha.”

Shikamaru face palmed. The first day as parents was going to be a rough one.

2 Singular

Reiko Uchiha knew her peers couldn't really care less about the history of their clans. Ten year olds had more important things to do after all, like study jutsu, annoy their teachers and torment members of the other gender because they were 'gross'. They certainly wouldn't go seek out dusty old scrolls or sought out chats with elderly clan members.

However, she had always been a bit...'different' as her mother put it. Her father was often more blunt and said she was a 'strange loner'. Maybe, she was a little bit of both, however that was neither here or there.

“Ah, you have arrived” the old woman smiled fondly at Reiko. In return to the kind welcome Reiko refrained from teasing her grandmother about her wrinkles...just this once.

“Today is his birthday, right?”

The old woman nodded, “Yes but...might want to be careful. He's in one of his 'moods' again”

Reiko offered up a cheeky smile, “When is Sasuke-oji-san not in a bad mood?”

The woman slowly sat up, “Suit yourself. Just don't say I didn't warn you. I'll be visiting my sister next door.”

Reiko nodded and was about to venture deeper into the house, but stopped suddenly as the old woman grabbed her arm. Brown eyes widened as Reiko felt the uncontrolled tremor in her great aunt's grip, her skin was tight that the girl could feel bones.

“Try not to be too long winded. He gets tired so easily, that old man” she said with a soft smile.

There was little she can do but nod. Reiko wanted to ask if she was okay, but had a feeling the woman would laugh in her face and say her only aliment was old age and nothing more.

Death would be the only cure. She shivered, suddenly feeling very cold. Odd for the middle of summer.

He could see. Hear. Taste. Speak. Mind sharp as ever and could take care of himself and his needs In short, Uchiha Sasuke was at full capacity, despite being a 'living fossil'. In the shinobi world, it was an amazing feat to see age forty. Sasuke had endured eighty...and if the claims of Madara were anything to go on...he'd live on for many more to come with these eyes of his.

When Reiko emerged, Sasuke could have sworn she more resembled Shikamaru's side of the family than his. Yet, there was a mixture of Hyuuga, Uchiha, and Nara blood- and more- running through the Uchiha clan. He had long since given up on true 'purity'. In fact, Sasuke disapproved of the offers to arrange a system to purify the Uchiha bloodline.

No. Never. He lived his life with a Hyuuga and Nara and he wasn't about to purge them from his clan. If only because, they were no longer in his life. So all he had left was watching their legacy expand.

Even if it meant that there would never be another Uchiha as strong as him, Itachi, or their ancestors. was for the best.

Reiko smiled, rising from a bow, “Honorable ancestor...”

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, creasing wrinkles in the process, which never failed to make the girl laugh.

“Pfff, I'm sorry. I just...I can't say that with a straight face” Reiko confessed, followed by another chuckle. She sat across from him at the squat-table and puts a box in front of him. Reiko pushed it forward to him, “You'll always bee Sasuke-ojisan to me. Happy birthday.”

If it was anyone else, any other kid, Sasuke would have told them to fuck off. He wasn't really in the mood to celebrate. It was Reiko though. And though Sasuke knew it was bad to have favorites among his great-great-grand children, she easily was his favored one.

There was just so much about her that reminded him of Shikamaru- her cheeky broad smile when she had been caught scheming. And Hinata- the quiet stubbornness and how she trained under his eyes until her hands were raw and blistered.

“Thank you” he said, pulling the box towards him.

“Well...aren't you going to open it?” Reiko asked.

Sasuke snorted. Children. So impatient. “I know what it is anyway. Rice balls. With a side of cherry tomatoes.”

Reiko pouted, “Ah, you peeked!”

Dark eyes rolled, “I don't have x-ray vision, not that I need it. You bring me the same gift every year.”

The girl sighed, “Sor-ry for being so predictable, oji-san.” She really didn't sound sorry, “But it's the only thing you want to eat most of the time, since you hate sweets.”

“Hm...she liked cinnamon rolls” he muttered.

Reiko blinked, “You want me to bring those next time?”

Sasuke scowled, “No, you stupid child. I hate sweets, you just said so yourself.”

“But you just said...oh never mind.” the girl muttered, raising her hands in defeat, “I hope you enjoy your birthday old man.”

“And I hope you enjoy the beating your father will give you when I tell him how disrespectful you are.” the old man returned.

“He can't beat me if he can't catch me” Reiko said, sticking her tongue out at her 'respected ancestor' for added measure, then disappeared behind the rice paper door before he could throw something at her, like a kunai or shuriken.

Not that he would ever hit Reiko. He acted like a crabby old man around her, like a grandfather instead of an ancestor, because...Reiko was like 'them' but different at the same time. Fragments of the memories he had of Shikamaru and Hinata, but her own person as well. It was...difficult to explain, but Sasuke went with that feeling.

He opened the box and took a rice ball out. Behind him, he could smell honey suckle. Sasuke remembered hating that smell. It always gave him hay fever, Hinata loved the sweet smelling vine plants though so it stayed in the garden of the main house.

Just like the vines, his clan was alive and growing. It wasn't the same clan he grew up with. It was...different.

Sasuke bit into the first rice ball. Good seasoning, so she did remember. Yet another thing to add to Reiko's similarities: a good cook.

Maybe. Different wasn't what he had expected when Sasuke thought it was time to revive his clan, but it wasn't so bad either.

“I think if you both had met her, you would like her too.”
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These ficlets are fantastic Blue! You really captured what I love about their dynamic. The second ficlet is especially awesome -- no one ever writes fanfiction about their favorite characters at such an advanced age. And it's totally believable that Sasuke would be the last one left, and he'd still be such a jackass. Both fics are novel ideas in an already bogged-down fandom, so kudos for the different direction you've taken!