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Fan Fic: A Cliche Blanket Scenario -Part 3-

Title: A cliché Blanket Scenario -Part 3-
Theme: Perverting Hypothermia
Rating: R- mild perving
Warning: OC Present

At first, Sasuke wasn't aware of anything but his own body. He was shaking all over, freezing cold and dripping from his fall into the snow. He was barely conscious when someone dared to attempt undressing him. Sasuke groaned and blindly swat at the intruding hands. He wanted to keep warm, he needed his clothes.

“Sasuke...Sasuke” a soft female voice broke through his fuzzy sense of hearing...maybe his ears had been packed with snow. Still struggling, Sasuke was finally forced to open his eyes. His vision was blurry and head felt heavy, but the limbs light like he was swimming under water.

He blinked slowly as a pale face and opal-colored eyes entered his line of sight. “You're awake” Hinata said with a sense of relief, breath smoke escaping pink and chapped lips.

“...yeah. How long...” Sasuke shivered all over, “how long was I out? And why are you undressing me?” this was said with the narrowing of dark eyes.

“These clothes are wet. You need to be warm and dry or your body temperature will drop.”

Sasuke didn't buy that for a minute. “Taking advantage of me, it was only a matter of time. You were just waiting until Shikamaru wasn't around.”

Hinata rolled her eyes, something Sasuke thought he'd never see. An annoyed Hinata. He would have marveled at the sight if the woman wasn't in the middle of removing his wet shirt. Once his shirt was gone, Sasuke looked around. They were surrounded by rock and several feet away was the hollow sound of howling wind.

“You brought us to a cave?”

Hinata nodded, “There's quite a lot of caves around here.”

“Hm, how convenient” Sasuke observed, then raised an eye brow when Hinata hesitated removing the rest of his clothes. Her hands were resting on his knees, but then raised up as the girl turned away. “You can take care of the rest that you're awake” she muttered, face burning red.

“What's the matter? You have seen a naked man before”

Hinata shook her head. Sasuke glared at the back of the young woman's head, he didn't like being lied to. Standing up, Sasuke's upper body shivered violently as he undid and peeled the snow-drenched pants off of his legs.

“What about Shikamaru?” he asked, placing the pants on the rocky ground to dry.

Hinata suppressed her initial reaction, “I don't know what you're talking about...”

“You must have the worst long term memory I've ever seen” Sasuke remarked, “You two showered together, remember?”

Hinata's cheeks were stained red, “Y-yes, but it was in separate stalls. I undressed and dressed with my back to Shikamaru and he did the same.”

'Really? That's boring' Sasuke thought with a frown. He'd still tease and hold that over Hinata, no doubt about it. But, he was inclined to believe her now that nothing happened in that shack.

Sasuke raided Hinata's traveling pack and pulled out her blanket, wrapping it tightly around himself before pulling off the last article of clothing. The wool wasn't enough, of course; then again he was standing buck-naked next to a cave wall.

He noticed that Hinata was standing to one side, her own hair was wet at the tips, dripping down her jacket. Every once in awhile, Sasuke felt guilty for being so selfish. Most of the time he swatted that feeling away or ignored it until it left. However, he couldn't let Hinata stand there and let her freeze to death. Well he could...but he had yet to sleep with her and Shikamaru would get mad at him. Plus, his name would be shit if he let the Hyuuga of the team die.

With that in mind Sasuke tilted his head, “Hey”

Hinata blinked, “Yes?”

Sasuke opened his blanket, “Get in before you freeze to death.”

A sight twitch formed on the corner of Hinata's mouth, “N-no thank you”

The Uchiha scowled in response, “Hurry up, I'm freezing” Hinata kept her eyes averted. Time to bring out the big guns...

“You've slept next to Shikamaru for a couple nights now.”

Hinata sighed, “That's different. To start, he wasn't naked. And... we have to sleep next to each other to share a blanket.” She mercifully left out the part that they had to share because Sasuke was hogging both his and Shikamaru's blanket. Hinata wasn't willing to stoop down to Sasuke's level and play dirt. Unfortunately for her, Sasuke only knew how to hit below the belt.

Dark eyes closed and his head dropped before jerking upright, giving Hinata little scares.

“I'm not myself. I need to sit down and sleep...” Sasuke muttered, keeping his right eye open just enough to see Hinata's reaction as he leaned against the wall as if he was too weak to stand.

“N-no don't go to sleep. Sasuke, that's the worse thing you can do” Hinata said, walking up to the 'dozing' Uchiha until Hinata found herself trapped against the cave wall.

“Then you'll have to keep close, so I can stay warm and not fall asleep”

Hinata didn't find any of Sasuke's manipulation sexy. Or even amusing. If he had been an enemy ninja, the Uchiha would have been on the ground and wondering why everything from the waist down was numbed.

However, this was Sasuke. The last Uchiha, Konohagakure's last chance at reviving a clan older than dirt. And her teammate. Hinata didn't fully strip though. Her jacket and shirt got the worst impact of the snow from catching Sasuke, but her pants were only wet on the knees and the underwear was safe and would remain on- no matter how many dirty looks he gave her.

At last, Hinata eased herself into the blanket, knowing Sasuke had to be relieved since he had been exposed for the better of ten minutes. 'He seems to tolerate the cold only when it suits him' Hinata pondered, a touch suspicious. Still, she couldn't deny that the blanket and their combined body heat felt more comfortable than her wet coat and top. It was very awkward though.

Hinata knew, what little medic training she gleaned from having it forced on all female shinobi; she'd have to keep Sasuke active and talking. She wasn't too worried about herself, because despite feeling cold, the Hyuuga knew she could at least function. Whereas Sasuke was already nodding off. Knowing she had to do something, Hinata started rubbing her hands around his neck, trying to encourage circulation.
Sasuke jerked awake when he felt soft hands rub his neck. His dark grey eyes slowly opened, under heavy lids watching as slender fingers worked. The digits then moved over his chest, his arms, hands, and legs.

It felt awful at first, since her touch and resulting warmth woke up a pins-and- needles sensation in his cold limbs. After enduring the first five minutes, Sasuke began to ease into Hinata's light touches. It felt so good.

“Good to see you're awake again. Oh...” Hinata gasped as Sasuke's arms coiled around her middle. “Stay just like that. Still cold” he muttered, throwing in chattering teeth for good measure.

Hinata could feel her cheeks burn. She didn't know Sasuke well, but knew this kind of clinging- almost affectionate in nature- wasn't like him. Thus, she feared that he was suffering from hypothermia, when actually, Sasuke was wondering how long he could keep the act up.

Kneeling in front of the Uchiha, careful to stay covered under the blanket; Hinata kept rubbing her teammate's arms and legs. His skin felt cold to the touch, so Hinata was starting to wonder if she was fighting a losing battle.

“How long do you think we have to stay here?” Sasuke asked, though not really in a hurry to leave. Though it was freezing cold, at least he could enjoy the view, namely Hinata's bra and the chill effect on female nipples.

Hinata shrugged, “Until the storm outside dies down. No idea when that will be though.”

The cave fell silent again. Hinata was searching for something to say, but all thought ceased to exist when Sasuke leaned forward and kissed her cheek.

“W-what are you doing?!” she hissed and moved to pull away, but Sasuke stopped her by grabbing her wrists and pulled the young woman closer.

“I'm still cold” Sasuke said. Hinata would have almost believed him, but their close proximity brought to light yet another 'condition' Sasuke was suffering from. Pale eyes narrowed as Hinata pushed back.

“You tricked me” she accused.

Sasuke tried to look innocent, but it was difficult to pull off while he was shivering, “Tricked you? Hardly. I'm so cold it feels like my fingers are going to come off.”

“Really?” Hinata asked, wedging her knee between his legs. Causing Sasuke to cringe and struggle to get out of the way, should she decide to kick; without getting out of the blanket.

“If you're hot blooded enough to get an erection Sasuke, then your circulation is just fine.”

Hotaka looked increasingly nervous as the Nara shifted through his mail. Folded into the messenger container were pornographic fold outs. These didn't get so much as an eyebrow raise and for a moment the outpost holder thought he was safe.

However, Shikamaru didn't stop with the fold outs. He spread all the articles out on the table, picking them apart and then noticed the picture of one naked girl on a tropical beach, was actually adhered to something else.

“I...think I'll go make some tea. You can take some of those fold outs if you want” the man suddenly yelped as he tripped and fell to the floor. Hotaka twisted his body, seeing nothing on the floor that would have caused him to fall. Instead, he saw a long shadow twisted around his lower limbs, effectively holding him in place.

“The porn is pretty boring. This on the other hand...” Shikamaru held up the coded letter behind the photograph, “is relevant to the Hokage's interests.”

Members of the Hyuuga clan were experts at stonewalling. They could give a cold shoulder better than anyone. And Sasuke was starting to suspect it was more of a genetic trait than a personality flaw, since Hinata was currently displaying this same coldness to him.

The shared blanket was stretched taunt between them, just barely enough to cover them both.

Unable to bear the silence anymore, Sasuke looked up at the 'roof' to the cave and said, “If you're waiting for an apology, it's not going to happen.”

Hinata didn't even turn to look at him, still facing the direction of the entrance. Sasuke scowled in response, eyes closed now.

“I didn't ask you to touch me.”

“I thought you were about to freeze to death. I'm n-not a medic nin, how was I suppose to know otherwise.”

Sasuke looked a bit surprised at that confession. “You're not?”

Pale eyes turned to him, Hinata looking rather peeved, “No. I'm not. I didn't finish the training course. I didn't...” she swallowed, “want to carrying that burden.”

Sasuke muttered under his breath, “We are so's a wonder none of us have died yet.”

He seemed to forget though that Hinata could not only see well, but wasn't deaf.

“E-every woman that I know that's is a Jounin or an ANBU squad... is the medic of her squad. I didn't want to be 'that woman'.”

Hinata breathed a small sigh, still staring at the exit, “Besides, Shikamaru is more adept at using healing chakra than I am, not to mention his clan produces it's own medicine.”

A long pause followed her admission. The young woman was almost tempted to turn around and see if he was even listening, but Sasuke spoke up soon enough.

“So by your own definition of a medic ninja, Shikamaru is the 'woman' of our team”

Hinata hung her head. Sasuke was listening, but no one was home upstairs. “No. That's not what I meant, Sasuke.”

“Tch. For someone so shy, you're rather defensive when it comes to our 'leader” Sasuke said with a scowl.

“Because you give him too much grief” Hinata replied, “More than he deserves.”

Sasuke's right eyebrow quirked, “You are aware that he rags me all the time as well, right?”

“Yes...but you deserve it. ...usually” Hinata said, hesitant to add the last part.

“Hn” Sasuke's hummed response should have signaled the end of the this conversation, but Hinata had a bit more to say.

“I really do believe that if you gave Shikamaru a two could become friends. He understands you in ways I just can't get.”

“I doubt we'll ever be friends. The guy bugs me.” Sasuke grumbled, then decided to turn the tables. “I'm sure you wouldn't mind being his friend, maybe more than that.”

Hinata resisted the urge to rub her forehead, feeling a headache coming on.

“Are you into men at all?”

“Yes. I would like to fall in love someday, marry, birth as many perfect children as I can, and have a house with a picket fence.” Hinata said, a near sarcastic edge to her tone of voice. Normally she wasn't this snippy, but the situation, Sasuke faking a serious condition- and his stupid erection- and the cold was making her unusually moody.

“And yet you don't date and...” Sasuke opened his eyes and gave her a sidelong stare Hinata didn't see, “you're still a virgin.”

At last, she turned and looked at him with a harsh glare, “You don't have to remind me. I know...that you know.”

A long pause followed before Sasuke opened his mouth and spoiled it, “I could help you with that.”

The young woman balked, her face drained of color. A cough escaped her, face flushed a deep red “Thank you for the...generous offer Sasuke” Hinata started, “But I can take care of life”

“You're not doing a very good job of it now” Sasuke remarked smugly. “And don't tell me it hasn't crossed your mind at all. Our missions are rough, extensive, and draining. So I find it amazing you haven't even thought about taking the edge off that tension by having hot, sweaty and dirty se...”

“Even if I did, you wouldn't be the person I'd go to for that” Hinata said suddenly, interrupting Sasuke and trying to draw herself away from a self-obsession over her blushing face.

Notes: End for now! The next part should be the last for this arc and Shikamaru and Hotaka will have bigger roles.
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