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Fan Fic: Gender Bend: The Great Kunoichi War

Title: The Kunoichi War -Part One-
Theme: Competition
Pairing: ShikaHinaSasu -or Shikakaoru, Hinatarou, and Sasuko
Rating: PG-13/T
Warning: Genderbend present.

Sixteen, Sasuko decided, was a very complicated age. Her body seemed to be her own worst enemy once a month. And the gender she viewed as the enemy, since they like to pull her hair and call her names; was suddenly very interested in every move she made. And on hot days like today, Sasuko would have given anything to peel off her shirt and just sit on her back porch without a care in the world who saw her.

“You could do it anyway” her sister Itachihana had said, fixing her silky dark hair in the hallway mirror.

Sasuko leaned over the breakfast table to grab a piece of honeyed-toast, “I can? How?”

At this, the young woman looked at her sister. At first Sasuko was confused by the pointed stare at her chest. She remained confused until Ita-nee-san reached over and groped her chest. Dark eyes went wide, Sasuko quick to slap her sister's hands away, a blush coming across her cheeks, until Sasuko shook her head to force it away.

“Foolish little sister, you lack breasts. It wouldn't matter if you went topless, since there's nothing to be seen or grabbed.”

“Stupid...” Sasuko growled herself, glaring at the path out of the Uchiha district her sister had walked down a couple hours ago. Still, that got Sasuko thinking.

'Naruko has freakishly huge boobs. Hinatarou likes Naruko...' her expression darkened as Sasuko hesitantly looked around- listening for footsteps from her mother downstairs. She couldn't hear anything. 'She's probably watching her soaps and pretending to vacuum' Sasuko thought while wiggling out of her top.

Opening her closet, Sasuko stared at herself in the mirror. Steady and slender hands reached up and grabbed her only chest. It wasn't as 'flat as a board' like Naruko claimed, but it would be too generous to call it an 'a cup' either.

'Kami must hate me' Sasuko decided, thinking to that both her mother and Itachihana had sizable busts. In fact, in this village there were so many kunoichi that had breasts than those who were pathetically flat like herself.

'There's got to be something...' then it occurred to Sasuko. When nature and genetics wouldn't provide, she'd have to resort to faking it.

An hour later...

Sasuko had her shirt back on, looking at herself in the mirror. Where there once was a 'wall', now the girl was looking at two rounded globes. A smirk graced her features, “I'd like to see Naruko top these.”

She'd have to be careful how she walked though, otherwise the water inside the balloons would slosh loudly or the latex would break. Cautious footsteps treded down the steps to the bottom level of her family home. Sasuko heard a weak whirl of a vacuum cleaner, but the sound of the soap opera playing on the tv over powered the mechanical noise.

Assuming her mother would be completely absorbed by the television program, Sasuko tried to tip toe through the living room. However, she underestimated a mother's sonic hearing.

“Sasuko? Is that you?” Mikoto asked, her back to Sasuko and facing the tv, her right hand going over the same patch of carpet with the vacuum so that it wore the grove there deeper.

“Uh...yes...” Sasuko replied, pulling a windbreaker jacket over her new '”boobs”.

Mikoto turned, “Ah good. Please take out the trash, if you don't mind. Itachihana forgot about them on her way out.”

'She...she doesn't notice?' Thinking she was almost home free, Sasuko swallowed a thick lump in her throat and headed to the kitchen. She carefully bent down, nearly having the right 'breast' flop out of her bra and down her shirt. Quickly, she stood up and rearranged things before her mother noticed.

“Got the bags. See you later...”

“Wait one minute” Mikoto said in a stern tone, turning off the vacuum cleaner with one hand and muting the tv with the other.

'Crap, crap, crap. She noticed. She saw!' Sasuko thought, teeth tightly clenched and ready to get the lecture of her life. Expecting a reprimand and a 'wait until your father gets home', Sasuko was surprised when her mother suddenly hugged her.

“I just wanted you to know that I'm proud of you” Mikoto said with a smile, squeezing her younger daughter around her middle.

Sasuko had to scramble and put her mask of teenage indifference up. Her father never seemed to pay her and Itachihana much mind, making the younger suspect he wanted sons and not daughters. And while Mikoto was the support of the family, it was still rare she got praise.

“...thanks” she mumbled, looking away.

“Oh...and one more thing before you go, dear.”

“Hm?” Sasuko questioned.

Mikoto's smile looked a touch strained as she pulled away. Water marks on her apron from where she hugged Sasuko. “You're leaking.”

Shocked, Sasuko took a few steps back. The balloons had a leak in them and were dribbling down her shirt. How could she have not noticed until now?!

After changing, putting her wet clothes in the wash; Sasuko followed through with the garbage chore and then left the Uchiha district.

'That was so embarrassing' Sasuko thought, a slight tic forming over her right eyebrow. Hands stiffly by her sides as she walked, the girl walked right past a popular watering hole for Genin. It wasn't really her scene though, since it mostly dealt in little cakes, candies, and ice cream- Sasuko didn't have a sweet tooth at all, not even for chocolate.

However, she did slow then stop fully as she saw team 8 and team 10 standing in front of it.

“D-do I have to pay for everyone?!” Hinatarou stammered, looking mournfully at his wallet.

“Yes! Your team lost the training exercise” Inoichi reminded in a teasing tone.

Kiba nodded in response, “And you didn't even win when we drew straws.”

“B-but...but...” the tall boy muttered, silently counting the amount. And no lint and moths didn't count as currency.

Sasuko ducked out of sight for a moment. Before her second attempt to leave the house, Mikoto had taken her aside again.

'You don't need to look like that cheap Uzumaki tramp, Sasuko-baby. Just be yourself. People will love you for you then and not if your breasts are falling out of skanky tops'

Mikoto, like all mothers; knew just what to say to make her daughter feel better about herself.

'I could...come to Hinatarou's rescue' Sasuko thought, sneaking a glance at the group of six still gathered in front of the cafe. It sounded like a great plan! Brilliant in fact. Until, Sasuko patted her own empty pockets.


Apparently, nothing could go right for her today. Just before she was about to throw up her hands and declare the day officially over, Sasuko over heard the voice of reason of team 10.

“Man, Inoichi quit giving 'Tarou a hard time. Let's go to someplace cheaper.”

Sasuko froze, “Tarou. Tarou?” she repeated a slight hiss in her tone. Who the hell did Shikakarou think she was?!

“Alright, alright” Inoichi said with a sigh, finally relenting. “But we'll pick up some cake later afterward, right Cho?”

The Akimichi blinked, surprised that her opinion was suddenly important to Inoichi. “Uh...sure, why not?” she replied with a slight smile.

“Tch, says the people who aren't paying for it.” Shikakaoru complained, but still waved her companions and team eight to follow her.

Sasuko pressed herself against the ally wall, holding her breath as she waited for Inoichi to pass- after the crappy day she was having so far an encounter with the clingy fan boy was the last thing the Uchiha wanted.

Still, Sasuko's reservations against interacting Inoichi clashed with her desire to know more about Hinatarou- namely why the Nara got away with giving him a nickname.

'I'll tail them.' Sasuko decided with a nod. It'd be good practice for her serviliance skills after all.

Across the village, Itachihana suddenly paused. Her pen hovering the scroll.

“Hey, you okay?” her teammate asked, after noticing the young woman looked a bit spaced out.

Itachihana nodded, “It's nothing” she said, before going back to work. Actually, Itachihana had a secret sixth sense. The 'baby-sister-is-doing-something-foolish-sense'. Ah well...someday Sasuko would learn not to embarrass herself and their family.

Until then, there was little Itachihana could do to prevent it.

'What the hell? Why is she stalking us?' Shikakaoru wondered, trying to keep her eyes on the barbeque menu. Sasuko was mostly hiding behind hers, only daring to peek up and over at their table when Inoichi wasn't paying attention.

Once their meat and sides came around, Shikakarou made more of an effort to ignore the nosy Uchiha. However, it became obvious that Sasuko wasn't interested in what they were doing. Her focus was on one person in particular. Shikakarou couldn't help but notice that Sasuko's dark eyes kept gravitating to the person to his right.

Hinatarou must have noticed the stares too, because sometimes he'd stop in the middle of eating and suddenly look around. Sasuko was just out of his line of sight.

'This is interesting' Normally, she didn't care who was dating who or other teenage drama. Yet, that didn't mean Shikakaoru didn't lack a slight catty streak in her. 'Let's see what it takes to get the Uchiha to react'

With that in mind, Shikakaoru scooted closer to Hinatarou. “Mind if I share off your plate?” she asked, “Inoichi and Cho are fighting over what should be my portion” she stated in a bored tone.

Hinatarou blushed a little as a breast accidentally brushed against his elbow. The boy gulped, “N-n-no, I don't mind.”

Shikakarou smiled, “Thanks” chopsticks breaking apart with a crack, helping herself to Hinatarou's plate of cooked meat and grilled vegetables.

“Mmm...good” she muttered after chewing and swallowing a mouthful.

“ can help yourself as to much as you want...” Hinatarou's voice ended in a slight squeak as Shikakarou leaned over, once again accidentally pressing her top- and breasts- against his arm.

“Don't mind if I do” Shikakarou said, her smile now a smirk just for Sasuko.

“What...the...fuck....” Sasuko growled under her breath. The angry aura around her was so heavy, the waitress that had come to take her order suddenly found it more important that the guests several tables back had their drinks refilled.

The last straw broke for her when there was only one piece of cooked meat left on Hinatarou's plate. He of course was too polite to take it and let a girl go hungry. However, Shikakarou crossed the line when she took the meat in her chopsticks and pressed it against Hinatarou's protesting lips.

“Come on now, don't be so modest. It's so troublesome when a guy doesn't come out and says what he wants. eat this half...” she leaned in, moving to take the meat between her teeth, “I'll have this half.”

' looks like they're almost kissing!' Sasuko thought, rage building up inside of her. Unable to stop herself, Sasuko pushed away from her table, stomped over, and stood over Hinatarou and Shikakarou, their lips still touching the same chopstick.

“Oh great” Kiba grumbled.

“This won't end well...” Sho muttered from underneath her hooded coat collar.

“Sasuko! I didn't know you were here!” Inoichi exclaimed, completely ignoring his teammate's and Hinatarou's compromising looking position.

“Nara...” Sasuko gritted out through 'grinning' teeth.

“Uchiha” Shikakaoru returned, her tone a lazy and uninterested drawl.

“What do you think you're doing?” the raven-haired girl asked, though the question came out more like a threat.

“I'm eating. Hinatarou didn't mind sharing, do you?” she asked, brown eyes looking up at the stammering and blushing boy.

“I don't...b-but Shikakarou-chan, this is too m-much.”

“Why? We're friends aren't we...Tarou?” she asked, trapping the boy's arm to her chest.

“N-n-no. Not that friendly!” Hinatarou squeaked out, he suddenly scrambled of the bench and turn and ran...but not without stopping at the entrance and bowing.

“S-sorry, but I must go!” he shouted then turned and ran again.

The tension in the restaurant remained, even though the focus of the rage had split. Inoichi, Kiba, Sho, and Cho watched the two girls staring each other and measuring each other down.

“Why did you do that? You know Hinatarou hates people touching him.”

“Hm? Funny, he never had those kind of problems before. His phobia must all be in your head, just like your imaginary bust.”

'This again?!' Sasuko inwardly screamed. But, she wouldn't give up, “Quit with the act! You don't give a damn about other boys but Tama! And that's another thing, you already have a boyfriend, so you have no right acting that way to Hinatarou.”

“Hm, he wasn't complaining. Tarou only left because you showed up...”

“Shut up!” Sasuke shouted, “You don't have a right to touch Hinatarou like that...or...or give him a nickname either.”

“Oh? And why's that?” Shikakarou asked, playing coy.

“Because you don't like Hinatarou the way I do!” Sasuko blutered out. Falling right into the trap laid for her.

For Sasuko, the world suddenly stopped dead in it's tracks. When in reality, a lot happened in the span of a few seconds she stood motionless and stunned. Inochi's chopsticks fell out of his grasp, landing on the plate with a clatter. Kiba and Sho exchanged knowing looks. And Shikakarou leaned back, hands crossed over her chest and smirked.

She floundered for something to say or do to take all of that back. The damage had already been done though. So, Sasuko followed her crush and turned tail to run away.

She wasn't crying. Uchiha Sasuko didn't produce tears, unless she had beaten the crap out of someone she was fighting against. If that was the case, then yes she was the exporter of pain, tears, and suffering. As for herself though, Sasuko didn't cry.

It was just so hot, even with the fan going full blast and her laying stomach-down on her bed and not moving save for wiping her eyes.

And this is how Itachihana spotted her after the opening the door to the room her younger sister's room. Sasuko turned her head abruptly, “I'm not crying!” she snarled.

“...I haven't even said anything” Itachihana said in a deadpan.

“Then why are you here?” Sasuko mumbled, rubbing her face clear of anything that was 'not' tears.

“You have a visitor waiting for you downstairs. Mom tried to get you to come downstairs earlier, but obviously you didn't hear her over your...” dark eyes looked at her sister's red-yet-not-Sharingan-eyes, runny nose, and flushed cheeks. Sasuko glared at her in response, as if daring her sister to say something about how she looked.

“...never mind. Now, come downstairs and quit making your guest wait.”

Reluctantly, Sasuko came down from her room. She didn't see who her mother was talking to right away, but could tell it must be someone important since Mikoto's voice was softer and sweeter.

'The Hokage? Or maybe the leader of the Jounin?' The thought of the elder Nara, or anything Nara actually, set Sasuko's teeth on edge.

So she was both surprised and very annoyed to see that her 'guest' was a Nara. In fact, the last one of that 'stupid deer clan' she wanted to see. Her rival.

“Ah, there you are Sasuko. I was so worried you'd stay up in your room all day. And after Shika-chan came all this way to see you.”

Silence entered the sitting room. Mikoto awkwardly cleared her throat. Only then did Sasuko mumbled, “...hello”

“Well, I'll leave you two ladies to talk” Sasuko's mother said, arising from the couch so her daughter could sit down.

“I'll be in the kitchen if you need me. And Shika-chan, feel free to stay for dinner.”

The brunette shook her head, “Wish I could, but my mom wants me home for dinner, so I can't stay long.”

“Ah, that's a shame” Mikoto replied, but didn't dwell on the disappointment for too long since she disappeared.

Left alone with the one person she hated the most in the world, Sasuko at first tried to ignore Shikakarou, but it was difficult to when the girl was sitting right next to her.

“Why are you here?” she finally asked.

Shikakarou, “No reason. I was in the neighborhood, is all” the girl said with a slight shrug.

“That's a lie” Sasuko snarled.

Another shrug, “Yeah it is. What of it?”

Sasuko was about to open her mouth and retort, but the Nara was quicker...for once.

“I came by because...I thought we could help each other out.”

Notes: Dun dun dun! Cliffhanger! And yes, there will be more of this gender-bendy stuff in the near future.
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