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Fan Fic: A Dastardly Plan: ShikaHinaSasu- now with more ShikaSasu

Title: A Dastardly Plot
Theme: Premeditated
Rating: PG-13/T -man kissing tis all
Ship: ShikaHinaSasu -mention of one-side Shiho-Shikamaru

Coins clattered into the drink machine slot. It was a humid mid-summer afternoon and the air conditioning in the archive building had cut off two hours ago. Hinata for one had her hair pulled up with one hand, while another feed another coin into the vending device, doing her best to stay cool. Once the drink can rattled down into the slot below, did she extract the hair tie form between her teeth and secured length of indigo into a hasty ponytail.

Hinata grimaced as the sweat on her neck cooled and became clammy after hitting hot air. A cold shower was defiantly in order once they got back to the apartment. Maybe even a bath, if the boys were feeling generous with the bathroom time.

She, Shikamaru, and Sasuke had spent the last four days of their 'vacation time' pouring over tomes someone had unearthed. Sasuke was interested in these because it contained bits of the history of the Uchiha clan, namely before Konohagakure's founding. She could understand on some level. Sasuke wanted to know all he could about his clan and it's past. To prevent from repeating the same mistakes. Shikamaru though was not as understanding. He seemed bored out of his mind and was often founding wandering away from the table or leaning back in his chair and dozing.

Hinata only had a mild interest in it. She was surprised to learn that -according to those documents- the Hyuuga clan had been an off-shoot of the Uchiha, not the other way around. However, she took that information with a grain of salt. The records had been written by Izuna Uchiha, Madara's younger brother. So, who knew what was fact and what was fiction.

After gathering the last two drink cans, Hinata lingered only a moment- waiting in vain for a breeze to come through the open door. When nothing came of her wait though, the young woman sighed and decided to trudge back into the stiffing archive office and...

The Hyuuga just barely side stepped out of the door as it suddenly swung open. The person pushing it from the inside looked rather...flustered.

“Shiho-san? Are you alright?” Hinata asked.

The blonde haired woman blinked, but it wasn't visible to Hinata what with those thick glasses, “I...uh...yes. I'm fine. Great. I just need to...get some fresh air. Excuse me” she said while brushing past Hinata.

'Odd' the pale-eyed woman remarked to herself. Thinking the heat was getting to the other woman, Hinata debated on following her just to make sure Shiho didn't pass out. However, she couldn't leave the door open either since the archive office had to be kept sealed.

'I'll just drop off the drinks and go back to check on her' Hinata thought as she strode through the aisles of books, scrolls, and paper records. The room she was looking for was in a secluded little corner that only the Hokage, a few select members of the code breaker squad, and even fewer ANBU captains had ready access to.

Walking in, she was surprised to find it empty. 'Hm...wonder where they took off to'

''s too ungodly hot for this' Shikamaru bemoaned inside his head. However, that didn't stop him from returning the kiss. Sasuke's feathered hair brushed against tomes that were older than they were, his right hand yanking on Shikamaru's ponytail, his fingers pulling with just enough force to give little jolts of pain-but-not-too-bad-to-complain down the Nara's spine.

They had been fighting about...something. It didn't really seem important now, though Shikamaru would at some point like to re-play exactly what happened, just so he could connect the dots on how they went from snarking to smooching. That could be explored another time...right now he was more interested in finding out just what a Uchiha tasted like beyond his teeth...

A polite cough interrupted them...or rather it interrupted Shikamaru- Sasuke could have kept on right through a tornado ripping through the building. Shikamaru turned his head, as far as Sasuke's grip on his hair would allow; and was shocked to see Hinata standing there.

“I...” she cleared her throat, “thought I'd find you two here. But...looking for books not...”

“We were doing research, but...” Shikamaru's voice trailed off. Sasuke was quick to cut in, “That girl kept stalking us and cooing over Shikamaru.”

Ah that's right. That's what they had been fighting about. Sasuke was getting annoyed with Shiho hovering over them and had been nagging him to tell her to go away and leave them alone. 'And then Sasuke kissed me...' Brown eyes went wide, the light bulb going off. It all made sense now.

Sasuke seemed unconcerned with the glare thrown his way, but still had the nerve to ask what was wrong.

“You set that up, didn't you?” the Nara accused.

Sasuke shrugged, “It's her own fault. She shouldn't go chasing after men who aren't available.”

Pale eyes rolled, then Hinata turned to walk away. It was too hot for her to put up with much of their nonsense. “I'm heading on home. Hopefully, I'll meet you both there when you're done...researching” she said, still having to fight back a blush not unlike the one Shiho was sporting earlier.

Notes: Shortest thing I've probably written in quite awhile. And possibly the most boy-love-like thing I've written for my favorite OT3! I hope it was an enjoyable read.
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