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30 Lemons: The Peeping Tom Effect

Title: The Peeping Tom Effect
Theme: 004- The Thrill of the Forbidden
Rating: M/R- Not quite a lemon per-say, but sexual content is present...if that makes any sense

Side Note: A little bit of background before I start. All cast present and accounted for are 18 and over- unless stated over wise. Thank you, that is all.

They had followed the Hokage's specific directions to the letter. However, for the life of him Shikamaru couldn't see this alleged 'crash pad'. Hinata had been gone awhile too. And Sasuke wasn't helping at all, what with being dead on his feet. Once again, Shikamaru had to lean forward and catch the other man, before he nodded right off the tree limb.

Then, after being saved from being a human pancake, the jerk had the gall to narrow his dark eyes at him. Quickly, Sasuke scrambled out of his grasp, nearly falling backwards. “Get your hands off of me!” he snarled from behind the mask.

“Tch, sounds like someone needs a time out, but you'll just have to settle for a nap. That is if we ever find that...”

Shikamaru suddenly jerked as someone landed on then branch above them. Instantly, his right hand crossed over to reach a weapon pouch strapped to his left thigh. His fingers touched a throwing kunai, before Sasuke moved his arm and stayed the Nara's hand.

“I found it” a familiar female voice whispered.

Now that his nerves were put at ease, Shikamaru sighed and closed his weapon pouch, “About time. Where is it?”

“...this is where we're spending the night?” Sasuke asked once she lead them to the concealed 'house'.

“I...I guess so. It's the only structure within a hundred miles and it...sort of fits Tsunade-sama's description.” As the Hyuuga said that, the door to the shack nearly fell off when Shikamaru opened it up.

Sasuke looked even more irritated once his mask was off. Stepping inside, the Uchiha glanced around at the dust, rotting floor boards, and over all neglected appearance. There was a single futon mattress rolled up in the corner. However, there was a question as to how old it was -and when it was last washed- making it so the three were tempted to draw straws and the 'loser' had to sleep on it.

Behind him, Shikamaru flicked on the single light switch. A lone light bulb flickered on, lighting up the dingy shelter.

“There is a toilet and two shower heads in the back room.” Hinata said, her own mask hanging from a belt loop of her pants.

“I'll go first.” Sasuke said before anyone else could claim dibs on the bathroom, all but elbowing Hinata out of the doorway.

“W-wait Sasuke we're not even sure works.” Hinata said weakly, just after the door was slammed in her face.

“Let him figure it out on his own, Hinata. Here, help me go through his pack.”


The young man smirked, “Why? We're going to raid his rations.”

The prim Hyuuga woman pouted a little, “That's not very nice...” she mumbled.

Brown eyes rolled, “Hinata, he's always going through our things to stuff his face. Why can't we do the same with his?” With that, Shikamaru unzipped Sasuke's bag and dumped all of the contents onto the floor.

After much coaxing, Hinata finally shared in the bounty of hoarded rations with Shikamaru. Even the generous containers didn't seem like enough, it had just been so long since any of them had eaten a decent meal, let alone three squared ones. However, the lack of taste and texture to the rations made eating more of a burdensome necessity than a hunger relief.

The two ate in silence, side by side. When she wasn't paying attention, Shikamaru stole a sly glance at the Hyuuga. Her hair was shorter now, cut just above her shoulder blades. She often tied it back when they were away on missions, but as of right now it was unbound and a bit messy.

'Too bad about that bulky chest plate...' Shikamaru thought, gaze wandering lower. He had long since given up fighting the stray perverted thoughts that crossed his mind. Hinata was a very attractive girl. And it had been awhile since his and Temari's infamous on-off-on again- and off again relationship had ended. So, he figured it couldn't hurt, to admire a thing of beauty.

It wouldn't go any further than looking though, Shikamaru promised himself. Hinata was now his teammate. They were going out for weeks at a time to complete dangerous and life threatening missions; so ass-tapping was not a top priority.

'Not that she's interested anyway.' he mused, a bit sour at that thought. Many assumed Naruto's obvious snub of her affection years ago had 'ruined' Hinata for romantic entanglements. She never dated. Never seemed interested in the opposite sex. Or maybe all Hyuugas hit an 'asexual stage' in their late teens-young adulthood and just stayed there. That would explain some things about Neji, to say the least.


“Hm?” he asked, just this close to eating yet another sardine. Rubbing his hands on his pant leg, Shikamaru leaned forward, brown eyes following Hinata's gaze to land squarely at the bathroom door.

“What's the matter?”

The girl shook her head, “'s nothing.”

Silence stretched between them. Things weren't always like this. While Hinata and him weren't best of buds, Shikamaru did remember a time when they got along very well. If nothing else, they had Kurenai and her daughter in common...

“It's just...Sasuke's been in there a very long time.”

“Ah,” Shikamaru repeated. Setting the sardine can down, he stood up, “Need to use the toilet? I can run him out of there for you, if that's the case.”

Indigo hair swished as Hinata shook her head, “No, not really. B-but since you're up, Shikamaru...could you check on him please?”

“Sure, sure.” he muttered.

Taking a few short steps across the room, Shikamaru first tested the bathroom door. It was locked of course, so he tried knocking.

“Hey! Are you alright in there?”

He waited a moment, then two...before knocking again, this time a bit louder. Since he could hear the shower running, Shikamaru figured that Sasuke didn't hear him the first time. Or Sasuke was just ignoring him. Yeah...that was always a possibility too.

“Hey! Listen, now is not the time to be a jerk. We just want to make sure you're alright and haven't melted under all that water.”

Still no response.

“Tch, man. You are one troublesome son of a...” Shikamaru said, taking out a sebon needle from his weapon pouch and working it into the lock on the door.

“Fine, if you won't answer us, I'm coming in.” he warned. Still no response. With a 'click' Shikamaru had the door unlocked. Stepping in, Shikamaru was hit with the full force of steam. 'Tch, he's using up all the hot water.' he thought, yet couldn't be too ill-tempered since now he knew this shack did have hot running water...even if Sasuke was wasting it.

Pacing the length of the room, Shikamaru finally spotted the other man standing in front of the first shower head. Wet black hair was plastered to the side of Sasuke's face, water dripping down his naked body.

“Oi! Do you plan to stay in here all night? Hinata and I still need to shower too, you know.”

He started to get very concerned when Sasuke didn't move, even with all but yelling in the Uchiha's ear.

“...are you okay?” Shikamaru asked, placing a hand on Sasuke's right shoulder, only to wind up catching his ANBU partner as the shorter man collapsed. For a split second, Shikamaru had a horrifying thought: Sasuke had been seriously injured and was now dying of blood loss. It was a logical conclusion since Sasuke had hidden serious injuries from him and Hinata before. However, a cursory glance over of the Uchiha's body didn't prove his theory, since there weren't any deep cuts or any blood on Sasuke's pale skin.

At last, it occurred to Shikamaru that maybe Sasuke was so exhausted that he had actually fallen asleep on his feet, while in the shower. It was worrisome that Sasuke hadn't woken up yet, but they couldn't stay in here. Tucking his arms under Sasuke's arm pits, the Nara all but dragged him out of the bathroom -he was NOT about to carry the other man bridal style.

Leaning on the door, Shikamaru entered the main room of the crash pad. He heard a gasp escape from Hinata, who was soon on her feet and helping him carrying Sasuke. With his foot, Shikamaru scooted one of their cloaks to spread it out on the floor. Then, with Hinata they gingerly lowered the unconscious Uchiha down.

“W-what happened?” she asked, looking as he did earlier at Sasuke's body to make sure he wasn't injured.

“I don't know. Best I can guess, he fell asleep on his feet.”

“Oh...” Hinata muttered in response. Now that the initial anxiety had evaporated, the young woman blushed and looked away from Sasuke. “I...I'll see if we can't find something to cover him up with.”

“Yeah...” he replied, though really modesty was the last thing on Shikamaru's mind. They should have seen this coming. Sasuke was 'lazy' when it came to fighting and often relied on his Sharingan, which was quick to sap energy and chakra. Still, Shikamaru scowled. As a team, yes they needed to be aware of Sasuke's status; but he was a grown man. Couldn't he tell when he had pushed himself too far? Why did he and Hinata have to hover over Sasuke like mother hens?

But, mother hens they'd have to be, at least for one more night.

Hours later, it was daybreak and Shikamaru was slowly waking up. He groaned and swatted uselessly at sunlight coming in from the only window in the crash pad. With another moan, Shikamaru dragged a hand over his face, head still fuzzy from lack of proper rest.

“Good morning sunshine.” Sasuke said from beside him.

“Ha. Wrong person...” Shikamaru replied. Speaking of Hinata... “Where's she?”

Sasuke sat up on the cloak-make shift futon, “Messenger hawk came from Tsunade-sama. So she's outside to write a response and sending it back with the hawk.”

“Ah...” he uttered, then stretched and rubbing a sore neck. Leaning against a wall to sleep was not very comfortable...

“I think Hinata said we're leaving after she's sends the hawk off.”

“Damn...and I still smell like a sack of crap.”

“Well, at least now you smell like what you're full of.” Sasuke snipped in response.

“Ha ha...” Shikamaru mumbled, slowly getting to his feet. “I'll take a shower real quick. And you...” he started pointedly at Sasuke's lack of clothes, “need to get dressed.”

If Sasuke had a response to fire off, Shikamaru didn't hear it after closing the door to the bathroom.

Turning around and ready to undress and wash off, however plans changed with he first removed his net top and connected his gaze with pale lavender eyes.

For a moment, they just stared at each other: Hinata in the process of unwinding her chest bindings and Shikamaru already had his fingers just above the zipper to his pants.

“Uh...why aren't you outside with the messenger hawk?”

She blinked, “M-messenger hawk?”

“You know...the one that came from the Hokage.”

At this, Hinata bit her bottom lip then replied, “We didn't get a message from the Hokage...what would make you think that...”

As Hinata's voice trailed off, both came to the same conclusion as to the source of this mix up. Sasuke.

“...I'll kill him.”

Hinata's shoulders slumped, “D-don't. Shikamaru, it's just not worth it.”

It was then he noticed she wasn't blushing. Granted, he was still mostly clothed, but this wasn't like Hinata at all...

'Or she doesn't think I'm worth the trouble of getting worked up' Shikamaru thought. However, he had always been rather inquisitive, if in a quiet and sloth-like way. So, he was tempted to push a few buttons- just to see if Hinata would react.

“Well...since I'm here, I'll go ahead and shower,” he said in a nonchalant manner, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.

Hinata blinked again, but turned her head away, a blush finally gracing her face. “I...I'll go.”

Now, he had a choice on whether to keep pushing the envelope or let her scurry away. Mouth pressed together in a thin frown, his head-gears clicking-clanking- and interlocking.

“ could stay.”

Her hand stopped short of reaching for the door, “W-what?”

It was now or never, Shikamaru decided.

“There are two shower heads. I can take one, you can have the other. It'd be more efficient then one of us waiting for the other to finish cleaning up.”

He didn't even have to look at Hinata to read her expression, Shikamaru knew this wouldn't work. Hinata was too shy and modest to even be around him and Sasuke when they changed in and out of their ANBU why would she agree to shower in the same room as...

Slowly, Hinata's hand lifted off the doorknob, “O...okay. That sounds reasonable” she muttered.

There was a condition though- wasn't there always? At least it was a reasonable one. He couldn't look at her and Hinata would show him the same courtesy. In the beginning, he did alright by preoccupying his attention with undressing, then turning on his assigned shower. For awhile, steam fogged up his vision.

However, a problem arose...

“Uh...I forgot to get the soap bar out of my bag. Can I use yours, Hinata?”


He didn't look...not at all, just took the slippy soap bar in his hands and lathered up. Once he rinsed off and Hinata asked for the soap back, the trouble started. Leaning over the barrier between the two showers, Shikamaru moved to slip in Hinata's open palm. His eyes strayed though, just a quick glance over. His eyes darted away when Hinata finally took the soap bar. But, it didn't stop with just that single glance though. It was wrong. Very wrong. He had promised Hinata not to stare at her, but little sly looks here and there as he rinsed off then started to wash his hair.

Water clung jealously to every curve on Hinata's body, slowly dripping down...

Shikamaru ducked his head under the shower head, squeezing his eyes shut. Only to pause a beat, then look up again.

How could a girl look so good when soaking wet like that? He remembered that Temari's blond hair would frizz and be all over the place when she washed...looking kind of like a wet cat. A sexy wet cat, but still Hinata seemed to blow her out of the water in that this girl's body was made to be drenched.

'Stop it, stop it, stop it. You're going to get your ass in trouble.' Shikamaru mentally chided. He wanted to behave and follow through with the promise they had made. But, it was so hard...

'Hard? ...damnit...' he internally cursed, reaching for the knob and quickly turned it to the other direction. He jerked once the warm water abruptly switched to cold, but being in dire straights he wasn't in a place to complain. That is until Hinata yelped.

“C-cold cold...”

“Sorry” Shikamaru replied with a cringe, forgetting that their showers shared the same water heater and pipes.

“You two were in the for awhile.” Sasuke said, the moment they stepped out. Hinata blushed, but didn't say anything, so Shikamaru felt that he should say something.

“We just took a shower.”

A dark eyebrow arched, “Together?” Sasuke asked.

“No,” the Nara snarled in response, “And get dressed already, will you.”

Notes: Not exactly a 'lemon' but a start to a 30_lemons project. And starting is the hardest part...well that and finishing -snicker-.
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