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New ficlet!

Had this one on hold for like 2 or 3 months...

Title: Captured
Ship: ShikaHinaSasu, though not at all romantic in this case.
Genre: General/Humor
Rating: T for my pottymouth
Prompt: Silence, from 100 Themes
Summary: In a moment of weakness, Sasuke is finally captured by two of the most efficient and oddly hospitable ANBU he's ever come across.

The last Uchiha sat brooding in front of a roaring fire, the darkness of the night made heavier by the dense forest. Other than the crackling of the firewood and the symphony of crickets, no other noise was emitted.

Normally black eyes glowed orange in the firelight as Sasuke glared at nothing in particular. He rolled his shoulders as an itch developed smack in the middle of his back. He knew he'd never reach it with each wrist bound to the opposite arm's forearm behind his back, but movement at least distracted him somewhat from the annoyance. Awkwardly, he tried to re-balance himself despite having his arms and legs bound.

A stick coming from the side of his vision interrupted his purposeless staring and poked at the glowing logs to expose more burnable surface area. Sasuke glanced to the source of the stick and eyed one of his captors through his thick bangs. The hand holding the stick was distinctly feminine, pale and graceful. Very unexpected, as it belonged to an ANBU.

He had let his guard down just once and it was all it took for the two elite ANBU to pounce, their movements so cleanly complementary he found himself at a huge disadvantage. Two figures practically liquefied in and out of the shadows of the mossy swamp, like paintings in motion. He immediately moved to make the hand signs to activate his Mangekyo – no point starting with the weaker Sharingan on shinobi so obviously advanced – and found he was already pinned. By the very shadows he had hoped would cloak him.

Sasuke was sure of two things: his captors' kekkei genkai were of the Nara and Hyuuga clans. While the Nara bound him with shadows, the Hyuuga disabled his entire chakra system, though with the way their teamwork was completely enmeshed with each other, he had no way of telling who was using which technique. It was so quickly and perfectly done, he could have laughed, if it didn't mean he was being brought back to that goddamn village to see that goddamn bastard who he was sure sent these two goddamn ANBU after him.

From behind the Uchiha, crunching footsteps revealed the second ANBU, a tall, lanky male, with firewood under one arm and fresh-caught fish hanging from the other arm. He greeted the female ANBU with a jerky nod of his head, and she tilted hers in turn. Sasuke rolled his eyes. These two had been completely silent from the moment they revealed themselves to him. It was likely a new regulation to make it harder to identify agents who were meant to be anonymous if one never heard their voices. The Uchiha somehow doubted his idiot former teammate and current Hokage was smart enough to come up with something like that.

The prisoner, uncomfortably bound and propped up against a scratchy log, studied his captors. With minimal hand signals and head motions, they had essentially figured out who was cooking dinner, taking first watch, and the rest of the travel itinerary. Their long-standing work history together was quite apparent and made the Uchiha wonder how long the two had been tailing him to reach a level of total synchronicity and wordless communication. Even the way they ate their dinner felt like a delicate balance.

After their meal, Sasuke watched a brief exchange of flapping hands and pointing fingers between them, and the man jumped up into the leafy overhang of the tree branches above them. The woman, surprisingly, picked up a cooked fish and approached the Uchiha with the clear intent to feed him. He smirked. She must be one of those girls from when he was younger that had a crush on him, and an utter moron if she felt such pity for him as to let a prisoner eat dinner. He made a mental note to mention this flawed behavior to the Hokage, just to rub it in his face that even his elite were weak-willed.

When she finally crouched before him, he realized just how small she actually was, but that thought was quickly erased when she got a firm grip on his shoulders and with seemingly little effort, sat him up properly against the log. Still kneeling in front of him, she began to tear the fish into bite-sized pieces with porcelain fingers that clashed oddly with the standard issue metal-plated fingerless gloves she wore.

But what was this? Was she seriously going to hand feed him? He was NOT going to have some fangirl get herself off on putting her fingers in his mouth.

“Untie me,” he said as her morsel-bearing hand closed in on him.

She merely tilted her head in a doll-like way. What for?

“I don't want your fingers in my mouth.”

The woman paused a beat, then brought up her fingers for inspection, nails immaculately clean and skin, though scarred in some places, completely free of anything that would disgust him. See? They're not dirty.

“Just keep your hands off of me. I'll feed myself. Free one of my hands.”

With a light sigh, the ANBU motioned to her partner in the branches above them. Lounging like a housecat, the male ANBU lazily pointed at his partner, then at himself, and displayed his own hands. It's either her or me who feeds you.

“Then I'm not hungry.” Sasuke really didn't care how childish that sounded. And he would never admit that his whole midsection felt like a giant cramp from hunger.

The female ANBU tutted at him and wagged her finger in his face. But I know that you actually are.

The Uchiha understood why they were trying to feed him. They were a good four or five days away from Konoha, and they wanted him to eat at least enough to stay conscious. Considering who he was, he was mildly surprised; he had assumed he was marked down for “death on sight.”

Like a spoiled child, Sasuke turned his nose up at the food offered to him, and the masked woman left the plate atop the log he sat against. Interesting. This person didn't go out of her way to keep him nourished, nor did she dump the food when he declined it. Rather, she placed it in an easily reachable place. Sasuke was also aware of the fact that though she left his bindings in place, she left the food at a height he could eat without his hands. How thoughtful, if he was desperate enough to eat like a mongrel dog. He was still too proud and not hungry enough to resort to that.

Hours passed in relative silence, and the dark-haired prisoner found himself observing what would be a rather domestic-looking scene, with the male agent sewing tears in the woman's cloak, and the woman carefully cleaning both sets of their weapons. It was quite peaceful despite being bound like captured game.

In the stillness of the heavy night, Sasuke was suddenly aware of the tell-tale tickling trails of his chakra system regulating itself again under the surface of his skin. It seemed the Hyuuga's chakra blockages were wearing off. He didn't even have a chance to pretend nothing was going on before the two ANBU were in his face again. Fuck, these bastards were fast on the uptake. In a series of fluid movements, one of the agents blocked off the Uchiha's carotid arteries with a chokehold, and everything blurred into blackness.



His head was throbbing and heavy...

...the hell...

Was he airborne? He realized that even though his head was throbbing, it wasn't from pain, but rather over-saturation of blood. A jerking bounce shoved whatever was on his stomach further into him, and his forehead bounced off something.

I'm being carried.

His eyes shot open in time to find his face within inches of someone's ass. When he tried to yell, he found his mouth was gagged. The agitated grunting was enough to make the two ANBU stop their bounding through the treetops and set the prisoner down on a sturdy branch, at which point Sasuke found it was the man who was carrying him. Lovely.

Flustered at having woken up with his face bouncing off some guy's ass, Sasuke put up little resistance when the male ANBU yanked the gag down and held a canteen of water in front of his face. Do you want some water?

“....Yeah.” He still hadn't eaten, he recalled. Water would help him more anyway.

He tilted his head back and allowed the man to pour small amounts of water as he swallowed it down. After taking in half the canteen, the ANBU put it away, paused a second, then made a weird gesture around his crotch like he was holding his....

“NO. I don't have to go to the bathroom yet,” Sasuke replied prudishly.

Meanwhile, the female agent had fished a small canister out of her pack and held it up for the Uchiha's study, while pointing at his chest. He looked down and noted new chakra burn spots on his torso. Ah, he mused, my pathways are blocked again. It seemed the woman was asking if he'd allow her to apply balm to his burns. He didn't like the idea of this woman having the chance to molest him, but he grit his teeth and nodded his approval, knowing even the smallest comfort would help his journey of being carried while strung up like a turkey. Fully expecting feminine hands to lick their way up and down his torso, he was amazed to find she finished the whole job in under a minute after some quick spot-dabbing.

As she put away the canister and refreshed herself with her own canteen, the male ANBU made the same urinating motion, then pointed at the sun and then several degrees west of that. We'll take a bathroom break in two hours.

Sasuke nodded, and the masked man hoisted him back upon his shoulder. He tightened his back muscles to keep himself from flopping face-first into the ANBU's rear end again. As if knowing what the Uchiha was wary of, the ANBU gave the prisoner's butt a hard smack as a reminder that he also had an unwanted ass in his face. Sasuke fumed and tried not to think about the fact that he was just spanked as the ANBU continued their trip back to Konoha.

Four more days of this? Fuck.
Tags: 100, drabbles, fan fiction, shikahinasasu
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